10xSocial Review in 2023: Should I Use this Software? Explained

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10xSocial Review: 10xSocial Software Overview

Creator:Neil Napier.
Launch Time:11 AM ET/NY.
Launch Date:02.20.2021.
Official Website:Get10xSocial.com.
Front End Price:$47.
Bonus:Yes, Huge Bonuses.
Skill:All Levels.
Money Back Guarantee:14 Days.
Niche:Messenger Marketing.
Support:Effective Response.
Recommendation:Highly Recommend.

What is 10xSocial?

10xSocial is a messenger marketing app which helps you guys to send personal video messages, SMS, and email follow-ups in Facebook messenger automatically, and generates 10x more leads, and sales.

Especially in 2022, there is an important trend emerging that is called Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger user sends almost 17 billion images every month worldwide. And Instagram user also shares 2.8 billion images every month. So, you can see that Messenger is a more popular image-sharing app than the original photo-sharing app itself. Video Inside Facebook Messenger is a very important thing for Social Media Marketers because video marketing on Facebook Messenger will definitely boost Traffic, Leads and Sales on Facebook.

10xSocial Review: Founder and Creator of 10xSocial

Neil Napier is the creator and founder of 10xSocial messenger marketing software. He is a digital marketer and software developer. He has more than 100,000 customers actively using his products and making huge profits from 10xSocial.

10xSocial Review: What 10x Social Can Do For You?

✅ It helps you to capture leads and generate sales by scheduling your follow-up SMS, emails and messenger messages with your audience or customers on completely autopilot mode.
✅ 10xSocial uses SMS and emails in a unique way to follow up with the leads and helps to build an audience and generate more profit.
✅ It helps to prevent leads and ensures you never lose leads again on Facebook.
✅ With the help 10xSocial you can create Facebook personas for creating customer service bots (amazing for those with multiple fan pages and businesses)
✅ With this 10xSocial you can create surveys and you can also run these surveys on completely autopilot mode.
✅ This tool helps you to easily create and sell video courses to your audience or customers. Great tool for publishing and selling video courses.
✅ It comes with the most latest, advanced and effective text-to-speech tool for marketing and helps to generate more sales and profit.
✅ 10xSocial helps you to easily send leads information about your products, services and promotions to your ideal customers.

10xSocial Review: Features and Benefits of 10xSocial

Sending Broadcast Messages: You can send video messages, audio messages, voice messages, image messages, carousel messages, and survey messages through this 10xSocial App to your ideal customer.

Schedule feature: You can schedule or send follow-up SMS with the 10xSocial App in just one click in Facebook messenger. You can also schedule or send follow-up emails automatically in Facebook messenger.

Text-to-speech Feature: This Text to speech converter helps you guys to convert text to speech in any language.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot: This chatbot helps to reply to contacts who message you on your phone or emails during the chat.

Post Composer Feature: This composer helps to build a Facebook listing and creates traffic posts.

Personalized Avatars: You can create your own virtual “persona” in the thread. The persona may be backed by a human agent or a bot.

Comment Guard Feature: This Feature responds to user comments on your fan page with highly interactive content that will enable you to build a list very fast and increase your engagements.

Chat Widget Feature: This feature helps your visitors, prospects, or any customers to start conversations with you from your website online.

Recover Leads: This feature helps you guys to recover all your leads.
Integration with SMS: This feature helps you guys to integrate with any SMS provider in just a single click.

Auto-responder Feature: You can easily connect with any major autoresponders with this tool.

Post Finder: Post finder features helps you guys to find all the posts easily and effectively.

Sharing: You can share all the content to other FB groups easily and effectively.

Hidden Video Finder: This feature helps you to find hidden thousands or even millions of relevant videos in every niche from Facebook.

Tags: You can target and segment subscribers automatically and increase your leads.

Post Embed: This feature helps you to embed your posts on websites, blogs and business pages and boosts your post reach to your audience or customer.

10xSocial Review: 6 Reasons to use 10xSocial

✅ If you want to find and use relevant hidden Facebook videos to increase customer engagement, then 10xSocial is for you.

✅ If you want to schedule free Facebook Ads videos that capture emails and make a profit, then 10xSocial is for you.

✅ If you want to 10X your traffic, leads, sales and conversions by Combining the power of SMS, Emails, and Videos, then this tool is for you.

✅ If you want to sell video messenger campaigns to your clients at your desired price and revenue, then 10xSocial is for you.

✅ If you want to send personalized and engaging video messages to your audience, and build lists, drive more traffic and conversions, then 10xSocial is for you.

✅ If you want to record your voice or convert text to speech and engage with your audience and generate more leads and sales on completely Autopilot mode, then this tool is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About 10xSocial Review

How many campaigns I can create with 10xSocial?

It depends upon your license plan, you can create 100 or 1000 campaigns.

Can I use 10xSocial for my clients?

Yes, you can 10xSocial for your clients.

Is there any money-back guarantee for 10xSocial?

Yes, 10xSocial comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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